BACM Consultants was started in 2009 by Carmen Marron. 

Carmen Marron worked at Otis Elevator Company for over seven years and at Oracle Elevator Company for four. 

She held various positions while at Otis, including Dispatcher, Business Analyst, Systems Administrator and Senior Business Consultant. 

At Oracle Elevator Company she held the position of Director of Operations in which she established the complete IT infrastructure and developed systems and processes to support the growing organization.

Throughout her career, Carmen has participated in the development of strategic operational objectives and plans as part of a senior management team.  She has always been able to identify weaknesses in process utilization, implementation or design and develop strategies for improvement.  She can see the big picture and the end goal and help any organization get where they want to be.  She has always taken a hands-on approach to solving problems and implementing initiatives. 

These skills are what led her to start BACM Consultants.  She has seen many companies struggle with implementing change in their operations or meeting their financial goals, not through lack of desire by the company, simply because they are so consumed with the daily grind, they can't see what is possible or too busy to think the change is practical.  BACM Consultants offers this outside perspective to a company and gives realistic solutions unique to each company.  Instead of just offering advice and leaving, BACM cares about the outcome and will see any project through to ensure success. 
  We have over a decade experience
improving processes and managing
change for organizations.
We help organizations improve their
business operations and reach their
goals using a unique hands-on approach.

TEL: (954) 703-5500
EMAIL: info@bacmconsultants.com

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