BACM has extensive experience with acquisitions and mergers. 

Our consultants have been responsible for integrating numerous acquired companies seamlessly into existing organizations.

Acquisitions offer great potential for a company if handled correctly.  The goal of any acquisition is to grow the company and to gain synergy from best practices of both.  Oftentimes though, acquisitions are poorly handled and can have a very uneasy and disruptive transition phase. 

At BACM Consultants, we understand the sensitivity of the change involved with acquisitions.  We can help integrate processes and systems together to ensure a seamless transition. 

We have experience with all aspects of an acquisition, from due diligence to final year review.  If you are acquiring a company we can help develop a transition plan for the implementation of new systems and processes.

If you are thinking about selling your company we can help prepare you for this.  Whether it is preparing your company for presentation, helping with all the information requests or  informing and preparing your personnel on what to expect, we are the ones you want on your side through this endeavor.

Buying or Selling a company - Contact BACM today.  We are the resource you need to make your acquisition a positive success.
  We have over a decade experience
improving processes and managing
change for organizations.
We help organizations improve their
business operations and reach their
goals using a unique hands-on approach.

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