BACM Consultant’s owner, Carmen Heath-Marron has over 10 years experience in the elevator industry. 

She has been involved with all aspects of the business including dispatching, payroll, billing, sales, contract administration, route structuring, construction and modernization estimating and project management. 

She worked for over seven years at Otis Elevator Company and four years at Oracle Elevator Company.  During this time, she interacted with over forty different elevator companies.  This interaction gave her a strong ability to see what works and doesn’t in the industry.

BACM  Consultants are experts in the Total Service application and have in-depth experience with many other programs used in elevator companies.  We can analyze your business to help you get the right system for your operations and if you already have one, how to use it more completely.

BACM Consultants understands your company is unique, just as the elevator industry is unique.  By having a background in the elevator business, we can help you with whatever challenges you are facing now.  Perhaps you are growing too fast and you need to standardize your processes or you're stuck and need to move your business to the next level.  We can help no matter how big or small your challenge is.

Contact us today to discuss your business and find out how we can help you.

  We have over 10 years experience
improving processes and managing
change for organizations.
We help organizations improve their
business operations and reach their
goals using a unique hands-on approach.

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