The Long Story  

Carmen Marron started BACM Consultants in 2009 after working over ten years in the elevator industry. 

Otis Elevator Company was her first employer where she held various roles of increased responsibility.  She started out working as a Dispatcher in the midst of a chaotic acquisition at a local office. She then held the role of Business Systems Analyst where she managed the development and deployment of a database system for operational control. 

She then went on to install this operational system and train personnel in all divisional offices.  In her next role as Systems Administrator, she was responsible for maintaining the operational system in place, developing standard desk procedures and conducting complete process and systems training for all personnel across locations.  After completing this project, she went on to become a Senior Business Consultant in IT Business Consulting for Otis Elevator. 

In this role she provided operational systems support and development for a national service division for Otis.  She was also responsible for systems’ integration oversight and implementation for all divisional acquisitions.  Before leaving Otis she was Manager of Shared Services, where she set up a centralized office for Accounts Payable, Billing and Accounts Receivable for their East Coast Operations.

After leaving Otis, Carmen went to work for Oracle Elevator Company where she spent four years as Director of Operations.  In this role she designed, implemented and supported the entire IT infrastructure.  Her responsibilities included server farm design and setup, desktop standardization, database application design and maintenance, network administration, disaster recovery plan design and documenting the entire structure. 

At Oracle Elevator, she was responsible for ensuring acquired companies were integrated into the Total Service system and new culture seamlessly.  She was also responsible for establishing, documenting and implementing crucial processes within the organization and ensuring all personnel were trained on these.

Throughout her career she has interacted with numerous companies all across the country.  She has seen companies of all various sizes and practices, some successful and some struggling to survive.  In almost every company she has interacted with she has seen change trying to be implemented.  She has seen successful transformations and total disasters. 

All these experiences is what drove Carmen to start BACM Consultants.  She has a unique skill set and a unique perspective to offer companies to help improve their business and deliver the results they desire.

  We have over 10 years experience
improving processes and managing
change for organizations.
We help organizations improve their
business operations and reach their
goals using a unique hands-on approach.

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